What is Wilson Photography

Wilson Photography (WP) has been serving Hendricks County and surrounding communities since 1986.   WP started as a one man operation concentrating on junior sports league and sports action photography.  WP continues serving junior sports leagues; and sports action, but now includes high school senior portraits, weddings, families, large groups, special occasions and commercial photography.
Wilson Photography –

  • Services junior sports leagues throughout Hendricks County,
  • Is the primary photography service contributing to Sport & More, Hendricks County’s most comprehensive coverage of local varsity sports and other extracurricular activities, (www.hc-sportsandmore.com),
  • Captures the moment and spirit of senior portraits and weddings,
  •  Secures lasting family photo memories,
  • Provides photo coverage of class reunions, academic achievement groups and corporate portraits and promotions.

Obviously, Wilson Photography is no longer a one man operation.  Wilson Photography associate photographers are professional local photographers who excel in their particular area.
Wilson Photography crews do all of the photography support activities; you can concentrate on fulfilling your responsibilities, not supporting us.
If Wilson Photography can to be of service in satisfying your photography needs, please call (317) 852-7837 or email Wilson3825@yahoo.com